Safeguarding your data and protecting your assets


Optimizing approach to information security—based on expertise and best practices

Breach readiness

We conduct an exhaustive search and targeted threat hunt to find gaps or signs of possible breach. Having a clear understanding of system dependencies, access controls, and the ability to analyze log data within its proper context increases your security operations effectiveness.

Architecture and gap analysis

Base2 can help you build additional layers of protection around sensitive or proprietary information to keep adversaries out. We build on the strength of internal teams with the exceptional best practices and processes needed to keep your data, technology, systems, and intellectual property safe.


We bring a wealth of compliance and quality experience. From HIPAA, PCI, ISO27001, and NIST 800-171, we help our customers through the process of folding regulatory requirements into your security roadmap. This way, compliance becomes the natural byproduct—not the sole driver of your efforts.

Our unique approach

We aren’t your average consultancy. We have expertise and hands-on experience in most industries, especially highly regulated ones. That gives us a head start and speeds the learning curve when it comes to understanding your company and solutions. Your business objectives and project goals become our top priorities. We essentially become an extension of your team—complementing your skilled engineers, technologists, and product managers.

We partner together to determine where we can add the most value, the quickest. We bring the top talent who are experts in their field and are passionate about solving gnarly problems. We also share best practices and processes—to overcome obstacles and accelerate growth.

We’ve earned—and we cherish—our clients’ trust. We deliver quality work—every time. We take great pride in our results and in developing enduring relationships with our clients.


Your company needs to be NIST SP 800-171 compliant if it processes, stores, or transmits sensitive federal information to assist federal agencies in carrying out their work. This means nonfederal information systems and organizations must demonstrate that they have security controls in place to protect Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Controlled Technical Information (CTI).

Complete our checklist to see if you are NIST compliant.

“Base2 has always been intentional about creating a company culture of support, empowerment, and enjoyment for our employees.”

RON HOPKINS, Base2 Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer

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