DevOps is a culture that accelerates product development

Refining DevOps practices to increase the quality and speed of critical software projects

Higher velocity and quality

Base2 utilizes DevOps to increase the quality and speed of high stakes, critical software projects. We have direct industry experience in using multiple tool sets with proven success. Our expertise includes Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, AWS, VMWare, Virtualbox and Git.

Best practices

By making it a priority and following our guidelines, you’ll be able to accelerate project the time to market, scale your deployment, lower operating costs, and continuously engage talent. Most importantly, you’ll make the customer experience even more exceptional by delivering high quality products and solutions.

Align, connect, and accelerate teams—not just systems

We build on the strength of internal dev and product teams with the exceptional quality assurance, project management and systems engineering expertise needed to accelerate projects and make internal teams successful.

Our unique approach

We aren’t your average consultancy. We have expertise and hands-on experience in most industries, especially highly regulated ones. That gives us a head start and speeds the learning curve when it comes to understanding your company and solutions. Your business objectives and project goals become our top priorities. We essentially become an extension of your team—complementing your skilled engineers, technologists, and product managers.

We partner together to determine where we can add the most value, the quickest. We bring the top talent who are experts in their field and are passionate about solving gnarly problems. We also share best practices and processes—to overcome obstacles and accelerate growth.

We’ve earned—and we cherish—our clients’ trust. We deliver quality work—every time. We take great pride in our results and in developing enduring relationships with our clients.

Maturity Model Assessment

Our assessment measure your organization’s ability to implement and respond to common software development challenges. Take our 5 minute survey to understand what level you’re at and to receive recommendations for making improvements.

“Base2 has always been intentional about creating a company culture of support, empowerment, and enjoyment for our employees.”

—RON HOPKINS, Base2 Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer

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