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We help accelerate product development—giving you a competitive advantage

Cutting-edge technology

It’s nearly impossible to be an expert in everything. When you and your team add an innovative technology to the roadmap, you may or may not have all the experience needed to execute (at least without great time and effort). That’s where we come in—we bring the expertise and best practices to speed production and deliver expert-quality work.

Solving complex problems

From process and practice through to implementation and completion, our teams live to solve gnarly problems. We don’t pontificate, we do. Base2 delivers the expertise to quickly unblock critical projects through cohesive teamwork and strategic execution and drive them to completion.

Strategic initiatives

Big initiatives such as Digital Innovation often grow to take on lives of their own. We calm these chaotic development initiatives to help companies get back on track and get their products to market faster.

Our unique approach

We aren’t your average consultancy. We have expertise and hands-on experience in most industries, especially highly regulated ones. That gives us a head start and speeds the learning curve when it comes to understanding your company and solutions. Your business objectives and project goals become our top priorities. We essentially become an extension of your team—complementing your skilled engineers, technologists, and product managers.

We partner together to determine where we can add the most value, the quickest. We bring the top talent who are experts in their field and are passionate about solving gnarly problems. We also share best practices and processes—to overcome obstacles and accelerate growth.

We’ve earned—and we cherish—our clients’ trust. We deliver quality work—every time. We take great pride in our results and in developing enduring relationships with our clients.


Jabil, a leading manufacturing solutions provider, was getting ready to open an Optics Technology Innovation Center in Israel. They turned to Base2 to develop an augmented reality experience to show visitors its global optics design centers through a virtual tour.

The Base2 team used cutting-edge technology to develop the app that realized Jabil’s innovatiove vision of an AR wall—boosting its cool factor.

“To meet our timeline, we needed to find a development partner that had experience in regulated environments…that turned out to be Base2.”

— MIKE RICE, Chief Executive Officer, BioLife

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