Advance product and process innovation


Extract value from product and process data

Our talented consultants work with you to identify where artificial intelligence and machine learning provide the greatest business benefit and then drive a successful implementation. From making products smarter and more innovative to automating development and test processes, we can help you capitalize on these sophisticated technologies to give you a competitive edge.

Key Capabilities

Deep Industry Expertise

With decades of experience in highly regulated industries, our consultants possess the depth of knowledge needed to understand where ML can have the greatest positive impact on products and development.

Whole-systems Perspective

Taking a fresh, big-picture perspective allows our experts to see where ML can eliminate unnecessary coding, deal more intelligently with data storage and transmission, and automate processes like verification and testing.

Culture of Collaboration and Learning

New techniques and technologies that are proven to improve product development processes fuel our consultants. This passion for learning extends to the use of ML where it can increase speed, accuracy, and quality.

Best-of-breed Technologies

Our team has experience using market-leading tools and technologies from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and can determine which approach is best suited for your specific business needs.


Perform processing and analysis directly on equipment or at the network edge and send only pertinent data or results over constrained network connections, saving on transmission and storage costs.


Use on-board processing capabilities to evaluate data locally, analyze it, and use the results to take immediate action, rather than delaying action only when equipment is connected to a network.


Use ML to build on known test beds and generate hundreds or thousands of scenarios to thoroughly vet products for quality.


AI/ML Datasheet

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