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accelerate product development with digital innovation

This eBook covers the challenges, benefits, practical tools and techniques, and guiding principles to employ digital innovation to accelerate product development.

Designing a Disruptive Life Sciences Cold Chain Logistics Platform

Base2 believes technology can smash boundaries by creating innovative products. For example, supply chain logistics and cold chain shipping methodologies for biologics have remained static for decades. Now, thanks in part to the Internet of Things (IoT), advances are being made in every space, including transportation—from drones deliveries to computerized containers.

Base2 Solutions Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all personal data processed by the organization.

GUIDE TO Systems Engineering WHITE PAPER

This white paper is ideal for any business leader looking to bring organizational change to their workplace through systems engineering principles, processes, and best practices.

Augmented Reality wall adds wow Factor for new JABIL Facility

Can you create an augmented reality experience application that delivers on its promise when the operating platform is still being developed? It’s a classic chicken-egg conundrum, but Base2 recently proved the answer is a resounding yes. Not only is it achievable, but it can be completed on a short timeframe to coincide with a major event.


Watch our short webinar, “Accelerate Product Development with Digital Innovation” to learn how it is defined by embracing and using new technologies and methodologies as well as a strong culture. 

DevOps Maturity model

Wondering where your DevOps maturity falls? Our Maturity Model Assessment can help you determine your current level.

NIST CUI Checklist

We’ve created a checklist for you to determine whether or not you’re NIST SP 800-171 compliant.

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