Making the Move to devops in highly regulated indusTries

Tech companies are rapidly adopting DevOps – the combined practice of IT and development operations – to improve product development and spur innovation. However, industrial and highly regulated companies have been slow to embrace DevOps, which is characterized by collaborative teams working with infrastructure that supports rapid-fire development. These companies are reluctant to make the move because it can be daunting to change entrenched legacy development programs, upfront investments need to be made in manpower and technologies, and there is often a significant lack of in-house expertise. This paper will look at how regulated companies can embrace DevOps practices and tools in order to benefit as much as their technically forward peers. Automated processes throughout the development cycle aid in quality of products, speed to release, and assurance of regulatory compliance. Gain insight into why some DevOps initiatives fail and how to avoid a similar fate, and learn how a phased approach allows for a gradual introduction of development infrastructure, practices, and processes that can be expanded to create a more nimble and responsive development organization.


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