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Implementing a DevOps plan is only the first step of ensuring your organization is positioned for success. Investing in DevOps is just that—an investment. It calls for ongoing analyses of practices and procedures—as well as cross-functional organizational cooperation—in order to reap any lasting rewards.

A truly streamlined DevOps strategy requires a culture of continuous delivery. Essentially, this is an approach to automating delivery, while carefully considering new features and bug fixes to maintain quality. A continuous delivery approach is adaptive; it blends various processes in order maximize the effectiveness of your DevOps investment.

How can my company adopt a DevOps culture of continuous delivery?

Hopefully your team has already adopted the mentality of streamlining your DevOps strategy by continually evaluating the effectiveness current tooling and practices. This sets your team up to reap the rewards of implementing continuous delivery. If you’re ready to take your DevOps strategy to the next level, take a look at my recommended top three ways a company can adopt a culture of continuous delivery:

1. Automate everything. Have tooling in place that requires zero manual interaction to build, test, and deploy code.

2. Plan for failure. Any DevOps team understands the importance of anticipating potential problems. It’s critical that your team can detect when things start to fail—and have a way to automatically pull failing code out of production. This enables your team to experiment without fear.

3. Release code to production (at least) every day. Enable your development team to move code to production quickly. Your processes and tooling must make it easy for this to happen.

Use our tool to help you evaluate your practices

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