We live in a world where machines, systems, processes, people, and data are all interconnected in an intelligent, efficient and secure fashion. Immense connectivity has led to cognitive transformation that helps businesses to streamline processes and enhance customer experience by gathering more real-time data, making smarter decisions, offering better business insight, and improved flexibility. Before we dive deep into this, let’s look at how technology trends have evolved over time.

History of Industrial Revolution

The first industrial revolution – Industry 1.0 began in the 19th century with the advent of mass mechanization production equipment powered by steam. Next, we saw a rise in electrical energy, assembly lines, and ventured into a new age of mass production. This was the second industrial revolution – Industry 2.0. Next, during the Industry 3.0, with the upsurge in computer usage, it led to an era of digitization and the beginning of automation where robots and machines worked together. And now, in Industry 4.0, we are in an era of intelligent production incorporated with Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, machine learning, and advanced analytics. Welcome to the world of digital innovation and connectivity!

Technologies Empowering Digital Innovation


Internet and smart devices have enabled synchronization of multiple systems and processes with our needs. This results in data sharing across an integrated network of devices, which can substantially improve the productivity while making it cost effective through predictive maintenance/support, remote monitoring, and improving pragmatic collaboration and teamwork. This also adds to the scalability of a system and provides customized service to our consumers. At Base2, our expertise is helping our customers move from hardware-centric architecture to a shared software and service infrastructure that can perform real-time data monitoring, detect abnormalities, and identify problems ahead of time. This results in increasing efficiencies, saving costs, avoiding delays, and protecting lives.

Cloud computing

Although the cloud is far from a new idea, its true capabilities are now being unveiled. Thanks to the cloud’s ability to store and analyze big data that it has led towards making prudent business decisions by providing business insights through data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Cloud Computing has also emerged into new platforms such as mobile. Since 2011, mobile has become the world’s largest computing platform. Here at Base2, our DevOps team use their expertise in AWS, VMWare/Virtualbox, Jenkins and Docker in increasing the velocity and quality of the product deliveries.

Cutting-edge technologies

  • Augmented Reality
    We are slowly marching towards an augmented age. Technologies such as augmented reality that brings together virtual reality and mixed reality, will drastically change the way companies design products, like using live demos and full immersions. Products can be tested before deliveries saving money and time.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    This has spread its roots to almost every industry. Companies have started implementing artificial intelligence to identify market trends and product demands. According to a recent survey by PwC, business leaders believe that artificial intelligence is going to be fundamental in the future, and 72% describe it as “business advantage”.

IT security

Digital innovation brings with it new cyber risks for which the industry is unprepared. The key to combat this is to develop a fully integrated strategic approach. Here at Base2, we conduct an exhaustive search for signs of possible breach, safeguard your network, and protect your valuable intellectual property by ensuring that your applications are secured to industrial standards. We help our customers to build additional layers of protection around confidential and proprietary information, thus ensuring that there is no scope for customer data breach, which is one of the biggest threats in this world of connectivity.

While we have witnessed some amazing technology trends in the past few years, we can see more innovations/technologies on the horizon. For example, the next technology era will be about increased collaboration between humans and smart systems. The marriage of both will give rise to high-speed accuracy in automation along with the cognitive, critical thinking of humans, which will revolutionize personalization and customization with their products. At Base2, teams live to adapt. Thus, we are looking forward to accepting any new technological challenges in the future.