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If your organization has already adopted a DevOps strategy, then congrats—you’re already strides ahead of other companies by choosing to invest in collaborative, productive approaches to advancing your project processes. However, as objectives and tasks within a project shift over time, your DevOps approach must remain fluid to adequately support the needs of your team and its multilayered practices and procedures.

How can I tell if my team’s DevOps strategy needs improvement?

Highly performing development teams can make it difficult for your DevOps strategy to keep pace. Changing technologies, underlying infrastructure needs, and increased user loads can all render your previously effective practices insufficient. If you start experiencing one or more of the following red flags, it might be time for a tune up.

  • Your automated tests and/or deployments regularly fail.
  • Your systems fail, but no alerts are triggered.
  • You encounter an inability to quickly troubleshoot due to lack of documentation or sufficient logging.
  • Your cloud and/or infrastructure costs are spiraling out of control.
  • Your backups are failing.

If your organization faces any of these challenges, you’re in good company. One of my clients in the healthcare industry started having trouble maintaining and updating environments as their business grew. Their systems failed and unfortunately, their end customers were often the ones to notify our client that their system was down. Additionally, this organization was unable to scale in a cost-effective way, requiring infrastructure duplication and steadily increasing costs to adequately service their end users.

Whether your organization has dealt with something comparable, or you want to avoid a similar experience, know that there are ways to fix or avoid worrisome cases like this.

Use our tool to help you evaluate your practices

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