Customer-centricity is the new brand in today’s world. Companies are recognizing the importance of delivering excellent customer experience (CX) that encompasses the user experience (UX). It begins by specializing in keeping our customer’s viewpoint and their ultimate wellbeing at the center of everything – making decisions to be more purpose-driven, not function-driven. According to recent surveys, 89% of the companies compete based on customer experience as compared to just 36% in 2010. In fact, 86% of the companies will even pay more for the Customer Experience (CX).

We have this notion that “experiences” only happen in the digital realm. But in reality, that is not true. It could be attained through something as simple as buying a cup of coffee to something as complex as an airplane cockpit dashboard. Before we dive deeper into the subject, here is a brief explanation of these terms – User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX).

User Experience (UX)

Let’s say I want to buy a bicycle. Here are the few attributes I will look for while selecting a bicycle for myself – How do I feel when I use it? Does it perform as expected? Do I feel safe? Can I use this to win a race? That’s what defines UX. It refers to the experience received from interaction with the product or the overall experience with the User Interface (UI). In case of a bicycle, UI can refer to the frame of the bicycle, brakes, gears, saddle and many other detailed parts. But, how well they work collaboratively greatly impacts the overall experience which can be measured with metrics such as error rate, success rate, time to complete tasks and clicks to completion (in the digital realm).

Customer Experience (CX)

After careful consideration, I finally decide to place an order for the bicycle because of limited inventory at store. This is where the following factors come into play: time taken at the checkout – either at store or on their website (where UX and UI again comes into picture), time taken to deliver, scheduled delivery date, and the actual delivery date. CX refers to all the interaction a person has with your company. It might be measured using metrics such as the Customer Satisfaction Report, and various surveys that measure overall experience, likelihood to continue use, and likelihood to recommend to others.

If you want to win the loyalty of your customers, you must put UX under the same umbrella as CX because although they are completely different disciplines, the two are inextricably linked.

The Customer Experience

Customer-centricity begins at the C-suite level where the leadership makes it clear and the employees understand that serving customers the way “they” want is the organization’s purpose which is made clear through the organization’s Quality Policy/Quality Objectives. There could be a downside to this as well. Sometimes customers don’t know what they want, or they are reluctant towards introduction of new innovative ideas/technologies which could be best for them. This is where an organization’s expertise and tradeskill play a vital role by answering even the unexpressed needs and desires of the customers, and thus providing proper guidance leading to their ultimate well-being.

According to recent researches, customer experience account for more than two-thirds of an organization’s competitive edge in the market. This has resulted in efforts to enhance the customer experience (which includes UX and UI) through use of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, automations, augmented reality, IoT, cloud computing and many more. And, at the same time, offering customers with the most simple and convenient channel for communicating their experience – be it through in-person, phone, email, social media, or even chatbot.

Base2 Solutions as a brand

At Base2, we are a team of excellent listeners who understand your complex problems, realize your vision, and implement our expertise in achieving your goals by offering services in the following fields – Custom Software, Devops, Systems Engineering, and Information Security. We go the extra mile to provide you with the “WOW” factor by using digital innovative technologies to expedite your product development and deliver high-quality work. For example, with our most recent delivery of the “Augmented Reality App” for Jabil’s new facility at the Optics Technology Innovation Center in Israel, Base2 proved itself again to be a trusted partner for being able to design, develop and deliver the Augmented Reality App on time by identifying and overcoming challenges.

At Base2, we provide exceptional experience to our customers by perfectly blending together high-quality products, solutions, and services with the help of our internal development and product teams along with an excellent project management, systems engineering, and quality management systems which reflects our Quality Objectives/Policies – exceeding customer’s expectation all the time. We cohesively manage these experiences across multiple departments, teams, and levels in providing our customers with memorable experiences and in achieving a common goal – well-being for our customers.