Integrating Life Sciences Cold Chain Logistics Technologies


BioLife Solutions wanted to develop a cloud-based app for managing cold chain shipments of high-value, time- and temperature-sensitive biologics and pharmaceuticals. The solution needed to knit together GPS- and cellular-enabled shipping containers, AWS cloud-based infrastructure, Google Maps, and a postal system interface.


The shipping container’s existing cloud-based radio app wasn’t extensible to the other components of the solution, so a new app needed to be created to ride on top of existing data streams. Many of the existing technologies were unstable; APIs would change without notification, causing spontaneous breaks. Many diverse systems had to be integrated to create the ultimate end-to-end platform.


BioLife had the vision but turned to Base2 for its product development expertise in regulated environments to pull together the system’s disparate pieces. The result was a user-friendly SaaS cold chain application that integrates with smart shipping containers, generates excursion alerts and delivery notifications, and provides real-time tracking, all through an elegant graphical user interface. It also includes a patent-pending shelf-life timer solution for supply chains handling time-sensitive shipments. 


BioLife and its partner Savsu were able to deliver the evo® Cold Chain system in time to match their desired market window. The fully integrated system provides a holistic, real-time live cell visibility platform. Precision medicines made up of live cells now have a much lower risk of in-transit cell damage from environmental conditions because of the app’s real-time monitoring and recording capabilities. Drug developers have higher confidence levels in cell viability, and better compliance with emerging reimbursement models that are based on therapeutic efficacy and patient response.

“To move forward, we had a buy versus biuld decision. We had the vision, but thought we needed to leverage outside expertise in order to execute on it in time to match the market window.”

— Mike Rice, Biolife CEO

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