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This is a snippet of an article published on techspective.net

When organizations arrange teams around specific roles, silos often start to crop up—leading to poor communication and weak cross-departmental support. In fact, 86 percent of employees and executives view insufficient communication and lack of collaboration as causes of workplace failures.

Ultimately, silos are problematic as they lead to employees becoming hyper-focused on their own individual goals rather than the needs of the whole team or company. This can cause critical information and project priorities to be forgotten or even ignored.

How do I know if my organization has silos?

There are a number of ways to indicate whether or not a project is suffering from silos. When you observe a general lack of collaboration, little to no innovation, unnecessary duplicated work, or you’re having a difficult time rallying teams around the same goals—you’re dealing with the silo effect.

Some more specific ways to detect silos on teams include an observation of the following:

  • QA is unaware of what features should be tested
  • Development produces code that is not easily testable
  • IT/Operations pushes new releases out at their own whim
  • Development and QA are surprised by what is running in production
  • Development sends code to production without prior consent or notification to IT/Ops

Additionally, if you notice important project details being regularly dismissed, employees have a habit of blaming other employees for project issues—or worse, when failures occur, there is little coordination or cooperation to get them fixed in a timely manner—your organization has silos.

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