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How Successful Engineering Teams Function Like a Jazz Combo

For the past 23 years, Starbucks has sponsored a local event it calls “Hot Java Cool Jazz,” a concert where the best regional high school jazz bands in the Seattle area perform. I’ve been lucky enough to hear two of my kids perform jazz on the Paramount Theater stage....

How Systems Engineering Can Help Avoid Product Development Pitfalls

Product development programs all start with great optimism regarding their potential to provide an excellent product to customers, along with excellent profits to the company. But research shows that a majority of product developments end in failure. The reasons for each failure are unique, but the overarching reason often can be described as the lack of systems engineering.

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Three Product Development Traps you Don’t Know You’re Falling In

Product developments are becoming progressively more difficult. A primary reason for this is that the products being developed today aren’t just products — they’re complex, interconnected systems. A system is a collection of individual parts that work together to accomplish something that no single component could do on its own. The result of living in the “Systems Age” is nearly every product developed is both a system on its own, and works as part of a larger, interconnected system.

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BBQ Smoker Process Controller

When the folks at Base2 Solutions are presented with an everyday challenge, you know they’ll attack it with a collective engineering mindset! Even something routine as BBQ was given the Systems Engineering treatment this past summer when a team of B2Sers used Industrial Process Automation to create a Smoker Process Controller.

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DevOps Streamlined: Is Your Current Strategy Working?

If your organization has already adopted a DevOps strategy, then congrats—you’re already strides ahead of other companies by choosing to invest in collaborative, productive approaches to advancing your project processes. However, as objectives and tasks within a project shift over time, your DevOps approach must remain fluid to adequately support the needs of your team and its multilayered practices and procedures.

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