When the folks at Base2 Solutions are presented with an everyday challenge, you know they’ll attack it with an  engineering mindset! Even something as routine as BBQ was given the Systems Engineering treatment this past summer when a team of B2Sers used Industrial Process Automation to create a Smoker Process Controller. The goal: Create a device that automatically controls the temperature in the company smoker to ensure that the food is cooked perfectly, without having to constantly monitor and adjust the smoker by hand.

First, they described how a process controller works:

Then, an explanation of standard smoker operation:

Finally, in the spirit of building a better mousetrap, a breakdown of components for their BBQ Smoker Process Controller:

For a complete explanation of how the Base2 team made BBQ event better through engineering, please click here. Imagine the possibilities when our team applies this level of creativity and problem-solving to your company’s pain.