The Technical Project Manager role is the delivery lynchpin to success or failure for Base2. But progress is challenged on multiple fronts: from within the team, from management, from the customer, and from left field. So what is the undocumented, the “as-is” tribal knowledge on how to be a successful technical project manager?

Team members should see the TPM as integral to the team, but often they do not. The team is loaded with highly intelligent, very technical, self-starting problem solvers who know what needs to be done. Typically teams see TPM’s as one or more of the following:

  • Status PM – excellent at giving status, usually a status stating everything is going well or the sky is falling.
  • Metrics PM – excellent at living and dying by the double-edged pivot table.
  • Schedule PM – excellent at organizing the schedules of different programs, stakeholders, and other concerned people.

Yet, when self-starting problem solvers are left alone, each usually tries to solve a different problem. The tech lead is still very much needed.

The best path forward is to win a team’s trust by adding value. It is that simple. Add value.