One of the four Core Values of Base2 is Community, which we participate in through a number of activities, both by engagement and financial participation. We looked to engage with organizations that aligned with our passions, either in Aviation or technology. As an engineering services company, we believe it is important to foster a culture of engagement in the sciences, so we want to support an organizations with a heavy emphasis on STEM activities. The hope is that we can engage in specific projects that correlate to the types of engineering problems we like to solve in the software, systems, security and devops environments.



The Museum of Flight down at Boeing Field is ranked as the 2nd most popular tourist attraction in Seattle and the largest flight museum in the world. The MoF was also chosen because of our special interest in Aviation, because of their heavy focus on STEM education, and because we believe we will have a unique ability to have a large impact on helping their core mission of bringing the history of flight to life. Besides focusing on past feats of aviation lore such as moonshots, Mach 5 flights, and bi-plane barnstorming, they also have an eye towards the future with drone racing leagues and other autonomous systems.


Here Seattle is a professional networking social organization that seeks to attract ambitious leaders that are looking to advance their personal and professional development. They create a monthly “meeting of the minds” for the technology and creative industries in Seattle. Their focus is to help people from under-represented minorities to socialize with one-another, creating bonds that open the doors to new opportunities.

PATH is a world-wide non-profit with roots in Downtown Seattle, whose mission is to drive transformative innovations to save lives. PATH is engaged in finding low-cost ways to mass produce and deliver innovative technologies to under-served populations in third world countries. Their expertise is vast and varied, and includes things like helping to bring forward digital health solutions, to reducing diseases such as Malaria, HIV and Tuberculosis, to improving sanitation and nutrition. Recognizing that the best partners are ones who have a stake in the outcome, PATH has created an in-kind partnership model where Base2 gets to provide those services and expertise at cost. We look to provide project management, infrastructure and development support to PATH.

Base2 has become a member of the Brea Chamber of Commerce in order to better connect with the businesses and community around us. The Brea Chamber of Commerce a not for-profit organization dedicated to improving the economic environment of the Brea community. The chamber promotes a variety of programs, initiatives, and events that work to positively impact growth well being it's members and the community.