Creating website functionality for an on-the-go lifestyle

Case Study


Connecting the website functionality into a mobile application.

Application Development


Facing rapid international growth, the client engaged Base2 to provide an initial foray into mobile shopping, as their existing online sales experience held no presence in the mobile space.

A leader in the world of multi-level marketing known for its skincare and wellness products crafted with premium botanical ingredients and innovative scientific discovery. 

Facing rapid international growth, the client engaged a suite of vendors in 2016 to create two separate mobile applications – one providing an initial foray into mobile shopping, as their existing online sales experience was not particularly consumer friendly and they held no presence in the mobile space; while the second application would be targeted to assist their independent consultants in enhancing the client’s position and growth.

Base2 Solutions was engaged to create the shopping app, taking the core functionality of the website and translating it into mobile. The existing e-commerce site provided Base2 with a basic set of features to build upon, and it was their role to connect the web function with the mobile application.

The Challenges

Because this marked the client’s entrée into the mobile application space, Base2 was necessarily nimble throughout the process, while the client worked through various iterations of their desired product. On the client side, web services development fell out of sync with the initial timeline, requiring Base2 to simulate with mock data in order to continue developing and moving forward with the project.

Base2 successfully maneuvered these challenges as a result of their Agile Process, which included consistent product demonstrations of new working software every two weeks during the year-long project, in addition to following each of their sprints. This was possible due to the quality of the people on the Base2 team and their commitment to a fully agile process.

To provide a responsive user experience, Base2 optimized web services and intelligent data caching  as the user waited on web services, which provided the customer with quicker content display.

The Success

The end product was well received by the client, as it provided the desired elevated shopping experience, offering a complex discount and rewards structure effectively managed through web services.