If things aren’t going your way, you only have yourself to blame


Quality Assurance Engineer

Satim is a University of Washington graduate who joined Base2 as a QA Engineer, after working 18 years as an SDET for Microsoft.

He has been married for 19 years, and together him and his wife have a 15 year old daughter. Their family used to have a dog named Mikey, but he now lives with other family as he was causing allergies. From the day Mikey showed up, him and Satim competed as to who is the top dog in the house.

Satim enjoys traveling when possible, with his favorite country to visit being England (He lived in London for about 4 years). He loves soccer! On weekends, he watches the British and Spanish league games, and some times head to Magnuson Park for a pick up game. Satim also likes to spend time programming his Raspery Pi.