Information Security

Assurance and peace of mind. 

  • If someone were inside your network, would you be able to tell?
  • How much should you invest in your security?
  • What changes need to be made today, and which ones can wait?
  • Who would be involved in outward communications and legal considerations of a breach?
  • Where can I save money without compromising security?
  • What tools, processes, and software are a good fit for my business?

Safeguard your data

Protect your assets

Defend your spending


Targeted Threat Hunt

Base2 conducts an exhaustive search for signs of possible breach. Often our targeted threat hunt will highlight gaps or configuration issues that are limiting your ability to identify active threats. If the threat hunt uncovers an active intrusion, Base2 will work with you to eradicate the threat.

Breach Readiness

An adversary inside your network is likely pivoting from system to system in order to locate and extract information. Having a clear understanding of system dependencies, access controls, and the ability to analyze log data within its proper context increases your security operations effectiveness.

Architecture & Gap Analysis

Many organizations have made significant investments in technology and people to stand up traditional perimeter defenses to keep the adversary out. Many of the more recent publicly disclosed breaches have proven that strategy ineffective. Base2 can help you build additional layers of protection around sensitive or proprietary information that may have been overlooked.


Application Security

Having a handle on custom software deployments, both internal and externally facing is critical to controlling lateral movement of threats inside your network and protecting valuable intellectual property.

Base2 can help you ensure that your applications are secured to industry standards.


Compliance impacts almost every business in some way. Governing agencies define best practices for securing information, but the specifics on implementation are often left for you to resolve.

Base2 brings a wealth of compliance and quality experience. From HIPAA, PCI, ISO27001, and FedRAMP, we help our customers through the process of folding regulatory requirements into your security roadmap. This way, compliance becomes the natural byproduct, not the sole driver of your efforts.

Vendor Risk Management

Third parties can sometimes be given access to systems in order to fulfill a specific task on an important project. Whether that access is utilized on-site, remotely, or even off-shore can create unforeseen holes in your protection mechanisms.

Base2 can perform a comprehensive vendor risk analysis to reduce exposure that has been beyond your control. Continuous monitoring of existing vendor relationships is also important as third party processes change without your company’s needs in the forefront of their decision making.

Work with a Partner, not a Reseller

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt, commonly referred to as “FUD” by industry experts, is used to scare companies into investing in products and services. There are many tools that solve problems, but they all rely on people, processes, and other technology inputs to be effective.

At Base2, we look at the big picture – your goals, resources, and current environment. Our value-added approach seeks to subtract, simplify, and improve rather than simply adding tools.

There is no silver bullet and your focus on data protection will not stop. We review current deployments and only recommend changes that will benefit your business.