Project Recovery for
a Trucking Fleet
Monitoring System

Case Study


Help find and fix bugs and resolve performance issues in a safety monitoring system to help achieve the client’s goal of no accidents by 2020.

Establish structure and leadership for the team by implementing a  Software Development Lifecycle approach using Agile, putting both requirements and bug tracking systems in place.

Software Engineering,
Product Management,
Quality Assurance

Truck Fleet Monitoring System.png

Base2 Solutions consultants worked as project managers, architects, and developers to resolve issues plaguing a large transportation company’s fleet monitoring system.

A large commercial vehicle safety systems manufacturing company had recently acquired a company that provided dashboard services for fleet management tracking. Their goal was to integrate the two companies’ technologies to create a comprehensive safety ecosystem with the ultimate goal of preventing all truck highway accidents by 2020.

The client was experiencing long delays and lost data from the data that was transmitted from the vehicle to the fleet manager’s web dashboard interface.

When Base2 was called in, it was determined that the client was not using adequate software development tracking tools. Base2 stood up the infrastructure to allow the team to use Software Development Lifecycle best practices. These included implementing an Agile software development methodology, a requirements tracking tool, code and release management, and bug tracking processes. A robust Quality Assurance process was deployed, with test cases being developed and run to ensure the software met all requirements.

Going Beyond

Working together, the client’s team and the Base2 team were able to stabilize the project and put it on solid footing in terms of feature development, system performance, and systematic bug resolution. The project was then handed back to the client’s PMs to carry forward, with Base 2 development and architectural consultants remaining on the project to ensure that the client was fully able to use the improved processes to continue to move forward.

Base2’s intervention allowed the teams to work together to solve technical problems, and allowed the client to establish robust processes to use going forward. The product owner lauded Base2 as a “strategic partner” and key to solving their most complex issues.