Making old and new software work better, faster, together

DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through development process to production support.


  • Docker
  • Vagrant
  • Jenkins
  • AWS
  • Puppet/Chef/Ansible
  • VMWare/Virtualbox
  • Git

Devops Maturity Model

Increased velocity and improved quality

Base2 utilizes DevOps to increase the quality and speed of high stakes, critical software projects for our industry partners. We have helped Fortune 100 enterprises to budget-restricted startups incorporate DevOps into their software workflows.

When we perform a DevOps audit, we can evaluate your systems to make sure your old software and new software are working together efficiently, so you can run your business without being dragged down by the past.

The Faster, the Better

In a survey of 600 executives with software delivery responsibilities in Europe and North America, Forrester Consulting found that only about one-third of teams were able to consistently deliver software within one to three weeks. Yet the fastest of these teams were also the ones that achieved the highest business satisfaction scores for their performance, which suggests their high speed was achieved without sacrificing quality.
DevOps is a proven software delivery accelerator for firms seeking:

  • Faster release of updates and patches into production
  • Increased quality in production releases
  • Better test environments with the latest development, release, production code base
  • Continuous improvement in the customer experience

Base2’s approach is flexible and comprehensive. We take the time to understand your business goals, the metrics you care about, and your budget and resources.

A Proven Record

With Base2’s DevOps team, you can be assured that we will bring the most talented, dedicated team to ensure your project and company’s success. We have direct industry experience using multiple tool sets with success on many projects in our portfolio.

Let Base2 help you get started.

Use our tool to help you evaluate your practices

Wondering where your DevOps maturity falls? Whether you’re completely new to DevOps, or seeking ways to improve your current strategy, our Maturity Model Assessment can help you determine your current level, but will also make recommendations for getting to the next. Base2 Solutions’ team of DevOps experts can help your company get started, establish your stride, or even show you ways to reach the goal of continuous improvement. The tool takes just a few minutes to complete. Let’s get started!