Custom Software


  • Web applications
  • Systems integration
  • Custom enterprise software
  • Product development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Mobile, cloud, and web applications

Must-have talent for
high-stakes software projects

The right software gives your business a competitive advantage.

Software Developers and Beyond

At Base2, custom software is fundamental to what we do. We love building software, and our clients say we’re the best developers around.

But that’s just one part of the story.

As we build software, we’re also thinking hard about the big picture, like helping you gain a competitive advantage in your industry. So you grow and succeed. That’s why we take such a broad approach to everything we do, including development.


Big, complicated projects with tight timelines and lots of stakeholders demand talented teams who have seen and done it all. Teams that are fast, efficient, and effective. Teams that know how to create the right framework for getting things done right. So you can achieve what you set out to achieve, and reassure your investors and stakeholders.

The Almost Success Story

Say your company develops a brilliant idea—an industry breakthrough. Everyone’s in, investors included. Planning kicks off, you partner with outside developers. Work begins in earnest.

Two frustrating years later, all is chaos. The big idea is in big trouble. Leadership wants action.

It happens often. Software projects that take too long, cost too much, and don’t ever quite leave the runway. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Thought Leadership and Intellectual Property

We’ve walked into some of the most challenging and chaotic settings imaginable. We’ve led development teams over hot coals. Advised at some of the world’s leading companies. Solved their toughest, most difficult problems. And sometimes along the way, we’ve made something new for the client—intellectual property. We’ve been doing it for years; it’s what we do.

Truly Agile

Being agile means that our customers define the product priorities, and we build our solutions to those priorities. It also means that as their needs change throughout the project lifecycle, we change with them.

Serving Highly-Regulated Industries

We specialize in highly-regulated industries—aviation, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. We can help you with paperwork, documentation, verification; we are AS 9100 certified. While some members of our team are helping you with documentation, our developers will get to work at prototyping. That way, we can get early feedback, making sure we’re meeting requirements and staying ahead of schedule.