Connected Aircraft Initiative

Case Study


Provide a single point of contact between the customer and various subsidiaries and departments within the company. Create an iterative process and measurements for success that help the customer to make the appropriate business decisions regarding their commercial airplane fleet.

Establish a relationships and a process that works to create a win-win for the customer and the aerospace company, while focusing on the immediate needs of the customer and setting expectations on product function and availability. 

Relationship Management,
Project Management

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Base2 Solutions’ aviation client sought to provide a single POC for one of its customers to act as a relationship manager, facilitating communication between the two parties

As part of their ongoing work with a large aviation company, Base2 was asked to act as the central contact within one of the client’s customers.

Base2 provided one of its consultants to act as Project Manager, setting up a strategic engagement model that involved bi-weekly meetings between the client and the customer. As customer requests for information and support arose, subject matter experts were made available to impart the needed information to the customer so that strategic business decisions could be made.

In acting as a single point of contact, the consultant was able to provide both parties with a single place to go to get and exchange information and status so that business decisions could be enacted efficiently and in a timely manner.

Going beyond

The Base2 consultant created a process to provide timely sharing of information between the client and the customer. He helped direct the business desires of both parties to create a focus on adding value and creating a win win outcome for both parties.

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