Reflects a business striving for elegance, efficiency, and incredible robustness.

Code is culture

Clojure is a growing language that has attracted attention due to its powerful abstractions, well-composed feature set, integration with the JVM and the wealth of available Java libraries.
— Cognitect


The most innovative companies take great pride in the way their software is developed and how it is written. Functional programming languages are rapidly gaining traction as developers strive to bring clean structure and elements to robust code bases.

A sleek and robust solution for large code bases

Clojure is the fastest growing functional programming language and is the preferred language for companies striving for elegant, simple, high quality code that they can build and scale at high velocity. As a functional programming language, Clojure discourages unnecessary state change and mutable data resulting in cleaner code and a reduction in accidental complexity.


Base2 has helped Fortune 100 companies build and execute some of the world’s largest Clojure code bases. Our greatest achievement is bringing Clojure onboard the Boeing 737MAX. We worked with Boeing to compile over 1,700 requirements to build an aircraft diagnostics system using over 34,000 lines of Clojure code. Our ability to partner with companies to bring Clojure to complex projects is unrivaled.

Superior code. Superior speed

From agile startups to enterprises, Base2 can help you utilize Clojure to build superior software while outpacing the competition. We believe code is culture. When code is written in Clojure, it reflects a business striving for elegance, efficiency, and incredible robustness.

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