Our Mission

Base2 Solutions is committed to being a trusted technology leader with an innovative culture where people are challenged to become their best.

The People We Have

We’re systems engineers, software developers, security engineers, senior program managers with a deep, wide-ranging toolset. We are process geeks—battle tested, focused, and driven to deliver. All of us are excellent listeners and problem solvers. Our software developers are some of the best in the business. As a group we prize flexibility and quality — we do things we haven’t done before. We’re not locked into any one way to get to the finish line, so we don’t blur our vision by pushing vendor partnerships. We have fun, and we like collaborating with each other and with clients.

The Problems We Solve

Integration. Complex systems. Software development and quality assurance. Security. Systems engineering and design. Enterprise and embedded network systems. Program leadership and management. We bring efficiency and innovation to our client’s projects.

We bring efficiency and innovation to our client’s projects, and we add real value. In solving hard problems, we’ve even helped clients develop valuable intellectual property.

The Way We Work

We’re up to speed in fast-evolving industries. We’re all in for the challenge and we honor our commitments. There are few meetings and little chit chat. Ours is a highly disciplined approach that translates into real value. We take on your project as if it’s our very own company—we genuinely want you to succeed. Our philosophy is no surprises. Our ability and knowledge is matched by our commitment to you—Base2 teams are absolutely reliable.

The Inside Scoop

We love the really hard problems. We believe we can do anything we set our minds to. As a group, we love coming to work and our customers love working with us. At the end of the day, we’re all about one thing—solving the problem and doing the right thing for our client.